Simulaids® Trauma Randy Upgrade Flash Moulage – Overlay Flash Moulage


Ideal for training staff to prepare them to manage trauma stabilization.

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  • Bleeding system is easy to use, provides hours of training and features rapid changes in presentation for students and department members
  • Realistic Flash Moulage System is designed for easy, rapid-fire use
  • Deploy detailed moulages in seconds with the option of bleeding or non-bleeding presentation
  • Includes four bleeding moulages, one deep bleeding packing wound, three shallow bleeding wounds, and one third degree burn
  • Complete bleeding system overlay includes ports to support the optional flash moulage arm, leg, and head
  • External blood management system and foot pump with gravity tank will work with clotting and non-clotting simulated blood products
  • Includes one gallon of TrueClot® Blood Simulant Concentrate, TrueClot® Simulant Hemostatic Gauze (Rolled 3-pack and Z-folded 3-pack), 500 ml of TrueClot® Simulant Clotting Solution, and one flushing syringe to clear lines
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